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February 15, 2009 vs Full Metal Jacket
February 8, 2009 vs Animus
February 4, 2009 vs The Final Stand
November 30, 2008 vs Doubletake
November 16, 2008 vs ataXia
November 9, 2008 vs Insanity Inc
November 2, 2008 vs Desecration
October 26, 2008 vs Animus

    The Family CoD Movie
Type: Movie
The Family CoD frags movie consists of the three Hixon brothers: Micah "Kilmer" Hixon, Derek "Unbroken" Hixon, and Caleb "Cutthroat" Hixon. The movie is purely match footage following the Empath core through multiple seasons of CAL Main & Invite and the Summer '04 CPL.
    Cutthroat vs CK
Type: Demo
Cutthroat goes 21-12 in our AmeriCup win vs ClanKapitol on Brecourt.
    Kilmer vs A5 @ Summer CPL
Type: Demo
A demo of our last match at Summer CPL '04 vs A5 on Carentan. Some nice shots and a couple of failed clutches. Make sure you use Seismovision though because there's a lot of blacked out screen time (CPL used a modded PAM version that made your screen go black when you died).
    U5 Match
Type: Screenshot
Last match against United5

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